Defining Disruption: A Series

If I asked you to define disruption, would it be easy for you to outline a response? More importantly, would your definition match other people across departments in your agency or organization?

In strategy, language is hugely important, as is consensus. Problems tend to manifest when there isn't an alignment on key terms - different stakeholders have different definitions which means the application has the potential to break down.

In order to understand disruption, I have begun a series that takes a look at the varied definitions of the term, and how this differs across advertising, organizational strategy and the tech industry. Has Become Strategy Umwelt

Over the last few years I began a process of collecting interesting principles and frameworks I encountered working as a strategist in agencies and consultancies. Working in fits and starts, these frameworks began to chart the ways in which technology was changing the approach to the application of strategy for organizations and the agencies that served them.

Strategy Umwelt represents a new vision for this process.